Championing Hope As A Family

by Christopher Chee

There is the 70’s song, ‘Lonely People’ sung by the pop-band group, America:

‘This is for all the lonely people.
Thinking that life has passed them by
Don’t give up…………’

‘This is for all the single people.
Thinking that life has passed them by
Don’t give up…………’

Whether young or old, there are many out there with the feeling, thinking and believing that life has passed them by. Many wrestled with the sense of hopelessness in the face of personal crossroads. No matter where we live, it’s probably safe to assume our community at large — is full of needs: the poor, sick children, single moms, the elderly, the lonely and hurt. And no matter how well we plan, problems and challenges will pop up.

In a paradoxical strain, professional experts have suggested that a self-desensitising technique to stress relief is to shift one’s attention from intense problem-afflicted moods to initiating acts of kindness to the needy and less fortunate.

Rather than being immobilised by our disturbing circumstances and interpersonal tensions, family members can gear themselves up together and stretch their ‘do-good’ reflexes to help somebody and kindle the flame of hope to the neighbourhood.

There’s something special, even intimate, about serving those in need. It connects you, softens you, slows you down and helps you appreciate all the blessings you have. Above all as a family, you will start to cherish each other’s giftings, talents, presence and unique existence in building a household of love and support.

There are many charitable organisations through which you can attend to the distressed and downtrodden by lending your ears to them and walking them down the path of encouragement.

Christopher Chee is the Community Care Director at Family Life First.


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