Appreciating Our Superwoman

This is the 3rd article in a series about and for working mothers.

by S. Jinaashini

Working mothers have a never ending list of things on their mind. Thinking about work at home and thinking about home at work is inevitable for them. But home and work are not the only things constantly on their mind. There are many things that they have to take care of such as finances, elderly parents and many more. Having said that, have you ever asked yourself what you can do to reduce the burden and responsibilities that lie upon her shoulder, which will eventually help to reduce her stress level? Here are 4 simple tips that can make your mother’s day much brighter.(Tweet this)

Tip 1: Let her take a break

Working mothers go through a lot of stress and anxiety trying to manage their work and family. Furthermore, having too little time for themselves to recover from a hard day’s work before going to work the following day can take a toll on their physical well-being as well. They are completely worn-out both physically and mentally at the end of each day and on a long run they would be just too tired to continue.

What you can do to help her is, allow her to take a break from all the work at home. Take over her duties and responsibilities for a few days in a month. Give her some time to rest and recuperate from all the stress that comes along with juggling both work and family life. Work on this as a family. Split her work with your family members. Get it done early and show her how much you care for her well-being once she is back from work. Doing such deeds once in awhile will surely lighten the responsibilities that she carries on her shoulders and also which mother doesn’t like coming home to no housework right?

Tip 2: Lend a listening ear

Mothers usually have a lot of stories to share with their loved ones especially about how their day had gone since day-break. Whether anything interesting happened or not they would have several stories to tell. Moreover, being able to share about her work load and stresses with family members through a discussion can help her to avoid bottling up all her feelings within. By discussing about her stresses with her family she will be able to free herself from the stressful thoughts and gain a peace of mind. This will enhance family life as well because the understanding between family members will improve allowing them to work to each other’s benefits. Discussions over dinner can also be a form of bonding between family members, leading to a family life rich in happiness and understanding.

Tip 3: Respect your mother

As said, it takes an amazing amount of strength to be a mother and even more to be a working mother. Having to meet deadlines at work, hence, staying till late and rushing back to spend the least bit of time possible with their family and to complete some piled up chores can be tearing them apart within. Wanting to be at two places at the same time and not being able to get one of them off their mind while at the other can be more of an emotional torture than anything else.

Furthermore, having to attend to other responsibilities apart from being a wife and mother, such as playing the role of a daughter to elderly parents, a sister to her sibling and a shoulder to her friends can be very draining. Despite facing all these struggles, not once would you have heard her complain about them. Although being stretched to her extremes she continues carrying out her duties to the best of her abilities and she deserves a lot of respect for that. Show her your respect by obeying her rules and meeting her expectations. Do the right thing at the right time to avoid disappointing her. Work hard to make her proud. Show her that you care because nothing can make her happier than knowing that it is worth going through all of these struggles for the family and most importantly appreciate her for all that she does.

Tip 4: Make her feel special

You don’t need to wait for special occasions to celebrate your mother’s achievements and to appreciate her. Bring her out for dinner at a restaurant or arrange a small family gathering to appreciate her contribution to the family. Buy her some flowers and write her a card to tell her how much you appreciate her. Something hand written would be much more meaningful as compared to something off the shelves. Allow her to take this time to catch up with her friends and extended family. This will give her an opportunity to relieve stress and get herself updated on what is going on around her. Opportunities like these will help her regain the strength to carry on with her daily routine of carrying out her responsibilities.

Research suggests that working mothers are seldom appreciated for their efforts and sacrifices. How many of us actually go out of our way to thank our mother and/ or wife everyday for their efforts to keep us happy? Whether verbal or by actions, an appreciation is all that is required to give our working mothers the emotional boost to carry on.


As Anurag Prakash Ray says, “I realized when you look at your mother; you are looking at the purest love you will ever know”. She showers you with the purest form of love and works extremely hard to provide the best for you. So, go on and appreciate the superwomen of your life for you are not who you are without them.

S. Jinaashini is studying Psychology Studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore. We had the privilege of having her intern with us from March – July 2015.

Tokyo,JAPAN. Father and his children are watching a computer.


We are inviting families to express their gratitude to the working mother in their households. Capture it on video and send it to us.

The first 50 submissions will receive a $50 shopping voucher, compliments of the Far East Organisation, which can be used in any of their malls in Singapore.

Send your videos to in either mp4 or avi format.

The only condition for the video is that all members of the family must be in it (excluding the working mother).



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