Who Is In Control Of Your Time?


By Parcsen Loke

In my younger days, the subject of Time Management was very popular. Workshops and seminars and book after book were written about it. But is time management as applicable today as it was back then?

With emergence of the Internet and with it advances in telecommunication and technologies, our lives have suddenly become invaded by information and conversations, both invited and uninvited. The line between work and personal life has blurred to the point of oblivion.

Back in the days when Blackberry and iPhone were unheard of, our schedules were much more predictable. We start work at nine o’clock in the morning and end at five or six in the evening. The rest of the night is ours to apportion according to our priorities and preference. We hardly brought work home unless it was of utmost importance. Today, for many, working hours is from nine in the morning till whenever the endless work is done.

Students are not having it easy as well. After a full day at school, students have to attend extra-curricula activities – now we call them Core Curricula Activities, or CCA – tuition and enrichment classes. Once home, they rush through dinner and its is back to the books with homework and assignments.

Time is no longer in our hands, it seems. Society has every minute of our lives planned out for us. What do you think?

Parcsen Loke is the Deputy Director of Family Life First. He has been serving people and communities for more than 20 years, both locally and abroad. His is married to his wife Kelly and has three children ages 23, 21 and 10.